Our software to simplify the management of our sterilization of dental instruments 

Hygiene and sterilization are major issues in all dental practices, since they directly affect your health. With the objective of always offering you cutting-edge dental care, we have acquired Stéritraces, a new traceability software that allows us to perform better control of the sterilization of the instruments used during your visit at the clinic.

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How does Steritraces work? 

The Steritraces software allows us to prove, at all times, that the instruments used in the clinic are sterilized according to the highest quality standards. At each of your visits, the instruments that will be used for your dental care are digitized. All the information on the sterilization cycles and the tests which allow the quality control of each step of the process are then transferred directly to your file.

What are the benefits for the patient? 

Steritraces allows us to eliminate the risk of contamination and recalls. Each sterilization cycle is validated individually and not daily or weekly. The danger of cross-contamination is therefore well reduced.

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