Reduce stress!

Under sedation, the patient can receive treatment in a relaxed manner while maintaining verbal contact with the dentist throughout the procedure. This is why this technique is called “conscious sedation” (as opposed to general anesthesia where the patient is unconscious).

It is now known that dental anxiety is a barrier that prevents many patients from seeking care, leading to a deterioration in oral health and a decrease in quality of life.

Sedation is a method of choice to break the vicious circle of fear of dental treatment.

Finally, a solution that allows anxious patients to receive the care they need!

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Oral sedation

Obtained by taking medication in the form of tablets or syrup orally (or the mouth) prescribed by the dentist before the treatment.

Sedation is a way to alleviate or reduce anxiety and stress.

In general, it will be determined during the discussion with your dentist what solution to adopt to make the treatment pleasant.
In the event that oral sedation is chosen, a prescription to collect the drug from the pharmacy is given.
The drug must be administered before the appointment as indicated on your prescription.

In some cases the medication don’t work. So the nitrous oxyde can be suggested by your dentist.

You cannot drive when you opt for oral sedation. You must then come accompanied to your appointment.

For children, it is imperative that the parent remains present at all times in the clinic during the course of care.

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