Conventional restorations

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Composite restoration (white filling)

A composite resin restoration consists of gluing an aesthetic material to a tooth. There are various families of composite resins and adhesives with distinct chemical and physical properties depending on the required use. These restorations can be used on both anterior and posterior teeth. A multitude of colours are available on the market.

Treatment indications

  • Fill the cavity left after the treatment of a cavity;
  • Replace an old defective, lost or broken filling;
  • Replace an amalgam filling;
  • Fill a tooth affected by the progression of tooth wear (erosion, abfraction, attrition);
  • Correct an enamel defect (hypocalcification or hypoplasia);
  • Filling the tooth after a fracture;
  • Correct a bad position or shape of a tooth;
  • Improve the appearance of teeth.
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