Intraoral Radiography by Digital Sensors

Allows you to capture only a small number of teeth with the surrounding bone to detect cavities and other anomalies that would form between the teeth and are therefore invisible to the naked eye.

Orthophos SL2D Ceph

Panoramic and Cephalometric Radiography

The panoramic or panorex X-ray is taken outside the mouth, to get a complete view of the jaws, teeth and joints.



  • To ensure a precise diagnosis;
  • To know the state of a patient’s dentition;
  • To locate the dental nerve of the mandible;
  • Detect a wide range of oral problems invisible to the naked eye (bone lesions, calcification in vessels and tissues.);
  • Monitor the development and eruption of adult (permanent) teeth and wisdom teeth.

Risks and Consequences of not Treating:

  • Cavities between two teeth that are invisible to the naked eye;
  • Formation of cavities under a filling;
  • Not being able to see if a cavity has reached the nerve of the tooth;
  • Periapical abscess or cyst in the jawbone not detected.
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