Orthopedics and dental appliances

It is around the age of 6 that the first permanent molars erupt and help establish the posterior occlusion.

Note that there may be variations in children’s dental development. Some children experience earlier teeth eruption while others are slower. Thus, it may be appropriate for some children to see the orthodontist at the age of 6 while in others, it could be at the age of 8. However, the age of 7 is normally a good time for a first orthodontic evaluation.

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Examples of early orthodontic interventions

Here are some orthodontic procedures that may be indicated in patients from the age of 7:

  • Palatal expansion (if the palate or upper jaw is too narrow);
  • Control of thumb-sucking;
  • Use of an oral screen to correct swallowing disorders;
  • Selective extractions to help permanent teeth eruption;
  • Correction of an anterior or posterior cross bite.

Even with no apparent problem in your child’s teeth, ask for a first assessment around the age of 7. A panoramic X-ray taken at that age can reveal a lot about the future of your child’s mouth.

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