Invisible orthodontics

It is a teeth alignment technique using clear removable plastic “aligner trays”. This method applies for cases of light to moderate tooth irregularities. Resin retention buttons are placed to allow the aligners to move the teeth. Discreet and almost invisible, each aligner is worn continuously for two weeks, except while eating and tooth brushing.

Invisalign 1
Invisalign 2

How does the Clear aligner technology work?

This technique is based on the production of a series of clear aligners designed to completely cover the surface of the teeth. Each custom-made aligner will be replaced as prescribed by your dentist, which will contribute to the gradual shifting of the teeth into the prescribed position.

At the end of the treatment, a retainer will ensure the stabilization of the teeth in their new position. In many cases, the last aligner tray will act as a temporary retainer until the final retention device is made.

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