Mouth guard and occlusal plate

The occlusal plate, also known as the joint plate, is a transparent plastic tray that covers the upper teeth, lower teeth, or both, depending on the appearance of the patient. The purpose of the occlusal plate is to prevent the upper teeth from touching the lower teeth. It is the most commonly used device to protect teeth from wear caused by grinding and clenching teeth, as well as to absorb the forces involved.

Plaque occlusale
Plaque occlusale

The occlusal plaque is custom-made in the dental office from dental impressions previously taken from the patient. These impressions are used, first, to make models of the teeth and, second, to make the joint plate itself.

The models and plate can be manufactured on site or in an external laboratory. In such a case, two appointments are necessary: the first to take the impressions and the second to put the plate in the mouth and adjust it. The patient will be seen again about a week after insertion to check and adjust the occlusal plate if necessary.

The Mouth Guard

During intense physical activity, many accidents can occur to the teeth, lips, jaws and soft tissues.

The mouth guard will absorb the shocks suffered during sports activities. This reduces the risk and severity of injuries that may occur.

However, the mouth guard does not provide complete protection.

It is recommended by l’ordre des dentistes du Québec to always wear a mouth guard during training, competition and the practice of a sport, especially contact sports.

protecteur buccal
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