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For more stable dentures

dental implant is a screw which is inserted into the alveolar bone that supports teeth. It then acts as an artificial tooth root to adequately hold a dental prosthesis; we call this an “implant-supported prosthesis”.

Indeed, when the implant is stable in the jawbone, a dental prosthesis is made in a laboratory and subsequently installed on the implant. This kind of prosthesis can be attached permanently to the implant.

Removable prostheses on implants are also available. These implant-supported dentures can be removed easily for cleaning and are much more stable than conventional dentures.

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Single implant

The prosthesis is a simple artificial crown that is mounted on an abutment which is itself screwed into the implant.

It is used to replace a single tooth or sometimes a few teeth, which can be adequately supported by one implant.


Implant-supported bridges are also used to replace a single tooth as well as a full dentition.

It is an alternative to the resin-bonded bridge (also called a Butterfly bridge, which is permanently fixed to adjacent natural teeth). The implant-supported bridge is used when the teeth on each side of the edentulous space are not healthy enough to support a bridge or in those cases where too many teeth are missing to be able to attach a traditional bridge.

If natural teeth are adjacent to the bridge, these are not modified (filed down) as in the case of a traditional Butterfly bridge. Natural teeth are thus preserved intact a little longer.

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Removable prosthesis on implant

It is a removable appliance or a denture fixed on implants. This improves the comfort and stability of the prosthesis depending on the oral condition of each patient.

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