Mecanized Endodontics

Since the 1990s, mechanized instruments have been used during endodontic treatments (or root canal treatments) for the cleaning and shaping of the root canal system. Continuous, slow and constant rotation, these instruments made of a nickel-titanium alloy are more flexible than instruments used manually. They are activated by a small electric motor and allow a root canal treatment to be performed.

appareil a obturation dans section endodontie mecanisee
localisateur apex

The Apex Locator

It is a device that allows to locate the tip of the root with precision.

Once the cleaning process has been accurately completed, the canals must be filled with a filling paste. And to do this we use an electronic filling device to bring the gutta filling paste to the desired temperature in order to complete the filling of the three-dimensional canals in a safe manner.

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