Cost of dental treatment


A fixed cost as per the ACDQ’s Fee Guide and Description of Dental Treatment Services

In Quebec, dentists operating their own clinic decide the costs of the treatment provided by their establishments.

It is worth noting that the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) issues a thorough “fee guide” to its members which covers all dental procedures provided by its members. This guide is renewed annually.

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Company policy on treatment costs

Most dentists’ policy is to inform their patient of the cost of their treatment before proceeding to the treatment.

In case of cost changes over the course of the treatment for one reason or another, the patient is informed of the change and notified of the new costs. With the dentist, the patient can then choose an alternate procedure based on the situation.

To treat or not to treat? That is the question!

Some factors can influence the treatment cost and the dentist’s decision to proceed with the treatment or not.

The dentist will assess the duration and complexity of the treatment. Many variables can complicate a procedure such as the physical and medical condition of the patient, the access to the patient’s mouth, or the patient’s experience.

Therefore, every patient receives a personalized treatment and their experience is individualized.

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Your dentist’s terms of payment

  • Cash payment
  • Credit Card
  • Interac

Tax credits for medical expenses

In Quebec and in Canada, non-refundable tax credits are available for patients. This way, for some patients, proceeding to multiple treatments in the same fiscal year is beneficial.

For more information, visit the website for Revenu Québec or for the Canada Revenue Agency, or contact your accountant. At the end of the year, an annual receipt is available free of charge by your dental office at your request.

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