Ceramic restoration

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Ceramic Restoration (Porcelain)

Dental ceramics are used to fabricate implant-supported crowns, permanent bridges and ceramic veneers. To this day, it remains the material that most closely resembles dental enamel, both in its rigidity and texture and in the way it reacts to temperature variations when eating. Biocompatible, dental ceramics restore strength to a damaged tooth, while providing great chewing comfort. Finally, its wear is similar to that of natural tooth enamel, which is advantageous for both the tooth itself and the neighboring teeth.

Indications for Treatment

  • Strengthen an adult (permanent) tooth that is weakened, affected by voluminous decay, broken or already has a large amalgam or composite restoration;
  • Strengthen a tooth that is painful because of a fissure (fissure tooth syndrome);
  • Avoid tooth fractures;
  • Improve the appearance of teeth.
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