Economic and aesthetic ceramic restauration at the chair

The CEREC-type restoration is the result of cutting-edge technology for the benefit of the patient, developed 30 years ago and continuously improved since then. The name CEREC comes from an English acronym which means “Chairside-Economical-Restauration-Esthetic-Ceramic Restoration”. In fact, it makes it possible to fabricate a high-quality ceramic restoration in a single visit. Crowns and indirect inlays are the most commonly used restorations.

It is also possible to fabricate crowns on implants, temporary acrylic bridges, permanent ceramic bridges or ceramic veneers. Thanks to recent advances, this technology now allows the creation of surgical guides in implantology by integrating 3D scan technology.

The CEREC device also allows its users to transmit their digital models to their dental laboratory. This saves patients the trouble of taking conventional impressions, which are often more uncomfortable.

A CEREC ceramic restoration is mainly indicated for:

  • Strengthen a tooth after root canal treatment (devitalized tooth);
  • Protect a tooth weakened by decay;
  • Strengthen a broken, cracked, cracked or fractured tooth;
  • Reinforce a tooth that already has a large amalgam or composite restoration;
  • Cover a deformed, discolored tooth;
  • Improve the appearance of the smile;
  • Restore height to badly worn teeth.
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