Intraoral camera

Helps the dentist make an accurate diagnosis, allows the patient to fully understand and visualize the state of health of his teeth and gums.

camera intra orale
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What is it good for?

  • The images captured by the intraoral camera are shown on the screen and allow the patient to view first-hand what problem areas the dentist is referring to;
  • Images help the dentist to notice some details or anomalies that may have been missed by the naked eye;
  • The intraoral camera itself does not allow a diagnosis to be made, but it contributes to its improvement when it is combined with other technologies like X-rays;
  • Digital images can be shared via e-mail with other dental specialists and used for insurance claims;
  • Saved in the patient’s record, the images serve as reference during a treatment plan. They help to keep track of the evolution of the patient’s oral condition. With ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, the patients are able to see the result of their treatment.

For children, an image of their teeth is irreplaceable to explain what is dental plaque and teach them good oral hygiene habits.

Important: The intraoral camera does not replace X-rays or a conventional examination.

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